The Harmony monoflap dressage saddle is built on our popular and wonderfully comfortable Fidelio tree.  This saddle offers the close contact of a monoflap, but without the problems created by saddles with exterior blocks (which may not fit your leg position).  Here, we’ve designed something special:  a block which tucks into the knee pad, which is fashioned like a pocket with a front opening.  You can remove this block entirely or substitute a smaller block.  We’ve included pictures to show you how the block comes in and out.  Features of this saddle:

  • deep and soft seat, like our Fidelio
  • narrower twist, like Fidelio
  • single flap design for close contact feel
  • high quality leather
  • gusseted, flocked panels like our other saddles
  • generous channel, as with all our saddles

We have a limited inventory of this saddle, in a variety of sizes, ranging from 17″ to 18″ seats and trees from 34 cm to 38 cm.  If you try one and need a size we don’t have, we’ll happily order it for you.  We can order narrow trees, too, and seats from 16″ to 21″!


The Fidelio is a comfortable, beautiful saddle at an amazing price. We invite you to try it–you won’t believe what we are offering!

The Fidelio is our  newest model, featuring:

  •     deep & soft seat
  •     narrower twist than our other dressage models
  •     billeting system with back billet on a sliding ring for greater stability on the horse
  •     selected, best quality leather
  •     3 sets of knee blocks–large, medium or small to suit the individual rider
  •     heat molded knee pad shaped over block
  •     gusseted, wool flocked panels as in our other dressage models

Our Fidelio model now comes in two types of panels, both wool flocked.  In addition to the regular, integrated panels which have been standard on this model, we now also stock some Fidelios with “upswept” independent panels which follow the curve of the tree a little more.  These upswept panels are excellent for short-backed or curvy-backed horses, as they come up off the horse’s back a little more quickly.  Same lovely saddle–now, two choices in panels!

If we don’t have the seat/tree you need in stock, we can order it for you. Seat sizes 16″, 17″, 17.5″, 18″ and 19″,  with trees from 32 to 42 cm.



The  versatile Largo saddle is deeper than our Encore model but not as deep as the Fidelio

Its features include: 

  •     black nubuck leather seat for superior grip (this is non-slip but not sticky)
  •     pronounced knee blocks (see detail view)
  •     back billet on a sliding ring for added stability on the horse
  •     cutback pommel and very deep, comfortable, well padded seat (note: the cutback makes the seat feel snugger than its stated size; you might want to size up)
  •     spacious gullet
  •     wool flocked panels for total adjustability
  •     keepers on the bottom of the upper flap allow billets to be threaded through, which helps pull the flaps tight to the horse.
  •     pretty, soft gray piping around the seat–subtle, but elegant!

This saddle is currently available in 17″, 17.5″, 18″ and 19″ (sometimes 20″) seats in 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 cm widths



  •     Available in 36 cm (extra wide), 38 cm (extra, extra wide) and 40 cm (super wide) trees, as well as 42 cm (humongous!–by special order)
  •     seats 17.5, 18 and 19


The Encore is the saddle that just “disappears under you.” It’s a saddle that gives great freedom to the rider, as it is not too deep or confining.  This is a great saddle  for the close contact dressage enthusiast and a good choice for trail riders too.  We sell many of these saddles to owners of gaited horses as well. 

Its features are:

  •     “open” seat that suits riders who want room in the saddle, or for whom high cantles create back problems
  •     black nubuck leather seat for superior stability and grip–non slip, not sticky
  •     Removeable knee blocks for those who want the closest contact

The Encore is available in 18″, 19″ and 20″ seats in a wide variety of tree widths: 32 cm through 40 cm! (There are a few 17″ and 17.5″ seats in stock as well.)