Companion Trail


The COMPANION is built on the RONDO tree. This is the tree that, at its widest, is the best fit on the table-backed, low-withered equines! (The narrower trees fit withered horses.)

These are the features of this fantastically comfortable saddle which make it ideal for both pleasure trail riding and endurance riding:

  • lightly quilted, soft seat is comfortable for unlimited hours
  • Wide panels distribute the rider’s weight over a large area
  • removeable/moveable knee AND calf blocks give the utmost in flexibility to the rider
  • remove the blocks for closest contact,  or  change the angle! When you remove the blocks, there is a piece of shaped leather which you can attach to the velcro to keep it clean
  • extured, durable, grained brown leather on the flaps gives added grip and stability to your leg
  • long billets used with dressage girth keeps the rider’s leg comfortable
  • lots of D rings and a crupper attachment

Available in 17″,  17.5″, 18″, 19″ and 20″ seats (some in 17.5″ also) with 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 cm trees

NOTE: This saddle works well for Icelandics and other gaited horses.
In addition, with the movable knee block, it’s easy to move the block back towards your knee and keep a nice, straight leg. Or–take the big front block off and move the little block forward, allowing more room for your leg or for shorter stirrups.

We have sold lots of Companions to mounted police in various cities (yes, it’s that comfy!) and we recently noticed a cop in Boston riding in our saddle.

Ask us about out all-black Companion Trail saddles.

Ask us about out all-black Companion Trail saddles.


Trail saddle designed by and for Duett!

The FOXHUNTER is a variation on the Companion trail model. This saddle is useful for trail riding, since it has:

  • same comfortable padded seat–great for long hours in the saddle
  • removable knee and calf blocks with velcro covers
  • all purpose depth of tree
  • flap is all purpose profile but 1″ more forward than on Companion model
  • short billets
  • two D rings on right side of seat

In a gorgeous, rich brown leather, it has the right look for foxhunters, or for trail riders who want a more traditional style. More info on this saddle on our Trail page.


The Tango was designed with three types of riders in mind:  those who both trail ride and school dressage, those who ride gaited horses and desire a long leg position, and those who want the comfort of the Companion trail model but in black with a straight flap. 

Note: this saddle is a hybrid of the COMPANION TRAIL

  • same padded seat for comfort on long rides
  • same wide, weight bearing panels with a wide channel


  • straight flap to ride with a long leg
  • flap slightly wider and slightly shorter than on our dressage models
  • moveable block on velcro base for versatility in positioning


The Tango is available in 17″, 1.5″, 18″, and 19″ seats in 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40 cm trees.  We can order a 20″ seat for you.

We ordered the Tango with no back D rings or crupper attachment, so that the saddle can be used in the dressage ring. However, our fitter and repair person can add D rings for a small fee.